by teodor zetko

playlist artwork by milo cassidy

In a Waters-esque fashion,


I’m attempting to push the


b  o  u  n  d  a  r  i  e  s


of a medium.

Through this playlist, I’m hoping to deliver a


 where chaos and trash prevail, by way of

di     sjoi              



There are lots of nods to Divine—

names of songs and sonic concepts—

noting that the foundations of this

playlist are deconstructed intentionally;


when we organize music in an

unlistenable way

we play around with our minds,

adjusting the T-bone steak wedged between our legs,

cutting off the hand of our enemies,

and solidifying our roles as the filthiest person alive.

There’s nothing homier than a terrifying blend of new and old,

fast and slow, hard and soft.